Our core intention is to alleviate the stress and trauma caused by the need for people to sleep rough on our streets and reduce the dependency on begging.

It is only with the support of you and others like you that we are able to provide this vital service for those that have found themselves in this tragic situation.  Warm, safe, cosy beds equal a good nights sleep which gives us all a better chance of a brighter day. We also provide a healthy evening meal and breakfast along with showers and toilets where ever possible. We can also provide a postal address for guests, which is vital for communicating with other services and pathways out of the homelessness trap.  

Our network of willing support services including counsellors, hairdressers, housing associations, chiropodists, rehabilitation services, training and volunteering opportunities offer our guests a well rounded network that can support them gently back into a permanent home and fosters a invitation towards a contribution to society and the community in general should they so wish.


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Give monthly

Give safe sleeps all year long.

100% of your donation gets people off the street and provides safe sleeps.

How 100%

Because private and corporate funder pays for the running costs of Kozia we guarantee that 100% of your donation goes to creating welcoming places and giving our guests healthy nourishment for the body a cosy nights sleep for the mind and unconditional compassion for the spirit.

See how your hard earned money is benefiting others

Regular updates will keep you informed of new projects and locations. All of which you are most welcome to visit.  If you are lucky you may even be able to volunteer should you have a few hours a week or month to support at a Kozia site.

Sleep Nutrition Compassion

Having a safe comfortable place to sleep, good food and compassionate connection with others is vital for all of us. Providing these basic human requirements can ensure a person’s physical, mental and emotional health significantly improve if they have not previously been met. Ensuring these vital needs can also greatly improve the personal outlook of a homeless person and in turn their will, desire and determination to get themselves back on their feet and permanently re-homed.