What is Kozia about


Sleep Nutrition Compassion


To alleviate the stress and trauma caused by rough sleeping how and wherever we can


We have challenged ourselves to come up with innovative new ways to create safe, cosy environments that will temporarily home rough sleepers. These need to be cost effective, efficient and use existing spaces that would otherwise be unused or dormant. Cutting out red-tape and bureaucracy is vital….. So here lies the challenge.

After exploring many different avenues and being reassured by The Bus Shelter IOW project, we decided to kick start the project by using used Double Decker busses. They provide instant shelter from the elements with ample space to build cosy sleeping bunks and further space for loos, showers, kitchen and lounging.

Basically they are just big mobile homes that can be moved from place to place, as required to meet local need.

We are also exploring other innovative ideas for cosy spaces, to follow-on once we have the first bus project up and running smoothly. We are looking into camper vans, disused office blocks and hotels and marquee camping to name a few.

The Birth

We have chosen The City of Brighton and Hove, East Sussex as the birth place for the first Kozia project.

This city has an official homeless figure of around 145, however we estimate it to be many more, with the cities overall housing and shelter services under pressure. Further demands will soon be imposed by the up and coming ‘Homeless Reduction Bill’.

Due to this overwhelming need, we have decided to adopt a ‘NASA’ style approach to building… ‘If we can build one, we might as well build two’…..So in true Kozia style we are aiming to convert three busses, side by side over the coming months, with the first bus being a canteen with dining area and workshop space upstairs to start creating a feeling of community.

We will be working with the Local Authority, Brighton businesses and other Homeless Charities to ensure the best possible outcome for the project. We are also building a network of local support services for the sign-posting of guests, to further support their journey off of the streets and into more permanent homes.

Watch this space for more news on a launch date and where you can find us.

Do you have the passion and time to help build and support this mission??