What is Kozia about?


Compassion Responsibility Dignity


To compassionately work to alleviate the stress and trauma caused by the affects of potential
homelessness and rough sleeping how and where ever possible, nurturing self-esteem, dignity and
personal responsibility.

We have challenged ourselves to come up with innovative new ways to relieve the stress, trauma and low self-esteem, experienced by those affected by homelessness. Our long term goal is to create safe, cosy environments that will temporarily home rough sleepers. These need to be cost effective, efficient and use existing spaces that would otherwise be unused or dormant. After extensive research, we have chosen to explore the use of double decker busses. They provide instant shelter from the elements, with ample space to build cosy sleeping bunks and further space for loos, showers, a kitchen and lounging area.
Basically, they are just big mobile homes that can be moved from place to place, as required to meet local need.

Firstly, and most importantly, it has become very apparent from the extensive research we have gathered, that emotional well-being, self-worth and personal motivation are pressing issues that need to be addressed, if we are to make a real difference to those experiencing the degrading effects of potential homelessness, or actually surviving without a roof over their head.

The Birth
We have chosen Sussex as the birth place for the Kozia project. Brighton City alone has an official rough sleeper figure of approximately 160, however, homeless organisations estimate this figure to be much higher. Figures in Hastings, Eastbourne, Newhaven and Worthing have all increased over between 2016 & 2017, with further demands to be imposed on local authorities by the up and coming ‘Homeless Reduction Bill’.

Kozia is planning to provide therapeutic group programs for all those experiencing the effects of homelessness across Sussex. We are addressing some of the core reasons people end up without a home, and community connection, and the vital support so often missing from inner-wellbeing and self-esteem.

We are working with the local authorities, Brighton-based businesses, and other homeless charities, to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. We are also building a network of local support services for the sign-posting of our guests, to further support their journey from the streets into permanent homes; or repatriation to their previous community and support network.

Watch this space for more news on when and where the ‘Therapeutic Groups Programs’ will be held.

Behind the scenes, our team is working hard to build the funds and support to create safe, warm and cosy spaces for rough sleepers to begin their journey to a home of their own.

Do you have the passion and time to help build and support this mission?