Kozia Attitude of Gratitude

With the ongoing support of local authorities, Community Centred Clubs and Organisations and other charities dedicated to ending rough sleeping plus amazing awareness events and regular contribution from conscious local and national business we are able to ensure the back end of running Kozia and its planned expansion are kept nicely buoyant and on track. This means we are able to guarantee that all funds coming from you our wonderful public go straight to front line where they are needed.

Invest in ‘Cosy Nights and Brighter Days’

Do you recognise the profound impact of a regular or even one of major investment in this project? Like anyother organisation Kozia incur back end and capital expenses. These include the purchase and fit out of our cosy spaces, which begin with double-decker busses, the nitty gritty of getting supplies in and waste out of the spaces including food, water, human waste, grey water, fuel for moving and heating, laundry and so on. All this adds up to a pretty penny and needs to be paid for.

We also ensure we have at least one paid employee along with 2-3 volunteers around at all times. These everyday heroes need to be trained to manage a multitude of scenarios, to ensure the comfort, safety and cosiness of all our guests.

As an esteemed Kozia investor your ROI will be the knowledge that you or your organisation will be ensuring the speedy relief of suffering from those on the lowest rung of society’s ladder.

Just one Kozia Bus can provide 5’475 cosy nights, over 11’000 hot meals, 33’000 cups of tea, over 2’600 hot showers, more hugs than you can shake a stick at, millions of words of encouragement, thousands of sign- postings to other support services, a sense of belonging to a ‘Tribe that Cares’ and everyone gets a personal home address for correspondences and connection.

How good would that feel to be someone who makes all this happen??

Please use the form below to let us know you are ‘In’ and a very nice human will get back to you very soon!

Gifts in Kind

We love to receive gifts and services in kind.

What have you got to offer??

We are open to receive Busses, Workshop Space and Facilities to Convert and Service Busses and other Cosy Spaces, Office Space to Conduct and Organise stuff, IT equipment, Tools, Trades Men and Women, Professional Services, Legal Support, Land and Sites to Place Busses and other Kozia Structures, Training Services and un-used buildings. What Have You Got to Gift?

Please use the form below to let us know……

Our supporters

In-kind donations from our donors and partners allow Kozia to pass 100% of public donations straight to Kozia projects. We are deeply grateful for those who have surprised us with their generosity. A big thanks to the following companies and people who have helped make Kozia possible:
NTD web Design

NTD Internet

NTD Internet Solutions are proud to be associated with Kozia and wish the whole tribe and all who benefit from this most excellent endeavour all the very best

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